Posted by: galapagosinc | June 25, 2009

Enhance Your Travel Experience: Connect With Locals

We have all had our fair share of travel experiences that were completely unforgettable—good or bad. Whether it was snorkeling through the Galapagos Islands or visiting a friend in New York, many travelers question, what has made particular travel trips stand out above all others? One reason: the Locals.

Christina Martinez of reveals how our experiences with the locals—particularly through connective rituals and dance events—have made our experiences in new places much more enjoyable and interactive. According to Martinez, dance is a medium through which people express themselves, as well as relive the history of their native land. And what better way to understand the region to which you’re traveling by participating in its customs?

Travelers are bound to encounter a type of ritualized dance in any region to which they travel—as long as they maintain an open mind and are eager to interact with the locals of the areas to which they are visiting. Not quite the dancer? There are other ways to understand the custom and lifestyle of the place to which you’re travelling, such as through homemade cuisine. Travelers must remain bold and open to new experiences and understandings of the world around them; after all, as a traveler, that’s what you signed up for!

So the next time you travel, plan your trip around localized and intimate events—whether it’s a dance festival or a guest homemade dinner. Grasping and fully encompassing yourself in the lifestyle of the locals will definitely make your trip the more unforgettable.Galapagos Exchange



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