Posted by: galapagosinc | June 30, 2009

2010 Luxury Travel Trends

With the current economic times, it’s easy for anyone to say that luxury travel is definitely out of the picture. However, according to this blog entry by Paradizo, luxury travel may not be all that bad after all.  Travel professionals have commented about how it’s not about where you go, but the new exotic experiences and travel bargains that you’ll get for these unique, once in a lifetime opportunities.

Enriching one’s life through travel is an essential aspect of all of our lives. According to Debbie Stock of VacationTravelChannel, “more enriching experiences are preferred over a luxurious lifestyle.” Luxury travel is acquiring a new trend in 2010, and taking the exotic, exciting, and adventurous route rather than the extravagant and high-end route.

As a result, travel won’t be centralized around the Caribbean or other places that have emerged as luxurious hot spots. Luxury travelers will find themselves creating travel itineraries for more unique and eco-friendly locations such as Panama and the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. The Mediterranean as well as Dubai, China, and South Africa will also emerge as exotic locations to visit in travel

From the current economy and the development of luxury travel trends for 2010, it’s safe to say that it is no longer about how much you spend on traveling and what branded place you go to; rather, it’s about what unique and life-changing experiences you will gain from your travel adventures.



  1. Good piece of article..I do agree that in the coming days scenario of luxury vacation will change..Some interesting and off beat destinations may emerge as new luxurious tourist attraction..I heard that Ecuador and Panama are fantastic tourist spot.

    • Sameera,

      Ecuador is definitely a fantastic tourist spot. With the rise of Ecotourism, areas such as the Galapagos Islands have become hot spots for travelers and possess vital economic value for the Ecuadorian government. Thank you for your comment! If you ever plan on visiting the Galapagos Islands, check out our website!

  2. Sure I would love to visit Galapagos island someday..Infact I am a hardcore traveler and love to write about my travel experiences in my blogs. I write about various tourist destinations in India like Rajasthan as I believe in helping my fellow travelers..You can visit my blog- guess it will fellow travelers to have better idea about India..Thanks and keep the good work going..

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