Posted by: galapagosinc | July 14, 2009

How to save money on traveling by using Twitter

Twitter is not just a social networking site; it’s now a medium for many travelers to save money. According to this piece from, a few thousand travel experts, airlines, hotels, bloggers, cruise lines, tour providers, and other travelers are posting onto twitter. twitter_logo

Topics range from news (swine flu, passport rule changes), advice (journalists, bloggers, experienced travelers), and deals (discounts, time-sensitive fares). These topics that are often “tweeted” about answer many questions that travelers have, and can conveniently access from their own personal Twitter accounts.

Although Twitter is an excellent medium to expose your travel deals, many companies and individuals have abused its resourcefulness. If you’re making your own “Travel Twitter” account, here are also a few tips to make it appealing and “travel-ready” for your followers:

Don’t make it all about you: don’t feel that you always have to post tweets about yourself. Re-tweet (RT) at other Twitter posts and updates by users. You’ll develop a larger follower-base and a relationship with your followers.

Tweets are newspaper headlines: You only have 140 characters to highlight what you want to highlight; be short, sweet, and noticeable.

Be selective: Follow people who are interesting to you and relevant to your own account. Don’t overload your homepage with excessive tweets that are irrelevant and overload your account.

It may be difficult to directly find the travel deals that you want, but with Twitter, finding the travel information that you want is made easy.

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