Posted by: galapagosinc | July 25, 2009

Tips when traveling with kids

It’s a hassle to travel with to what Miral Fahmy refers to as the “most high-maintenance companions any traveler will ever have” – your children. However, traveling as a family is still a rewarding experience; it creates and rekindles a bond between everyone.  In this piece for Reuters, Fahmy covers tips on how to travel with kids, and still keep things cool and fun.

  • Plan. Put a lot of effort into planning, but not as a dictator. Approach your plans with “the spirit of adventure” and make schedules flexible so that when something goes unplanned, there is also room for solutions.
  • Travel light. A vacation is a vacation—there’s no need to lug around unnecessary items. Light travel with make everything a whole lot easier.832423_beach_silhouettes_3
  • Balconies and lounges. When booking an accommodation, choose one that has a balcony or lounge. This way, parents can still spend some quiet time together while the children are in bed. Accommodations that have a garden are also convenient; it’s nice to have the children run around and burn off some energy.
  • Get the kids involved. Encourage your children to be active participants of their trip; ask them to research interesting destinations, keep track of the places they’ve visited, and collect souvenirs.
  • Take it easy. Kids definitely don’t like rushing, or “hurrying up.” Traveling should be well-planned, but not rushed. Everyone will be a little more ease if travel situations weren’t intense and instead, slow and steady.

Traveling with kids can be a difficult task, but it is also a rewardable one. The sacrifices you make to accommodate to your children’s travel experiences will definitely change their lives—in a positive way.


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