Posted by: galapagosinc | September 17, 2009

Andrew Marr’s take on the Galapagos

What does Andrew Marr, former political editor of the BBC, have to say about the Galapagos Islands? A lot of great things, apparently.

In an interview with Neil Tweedie of the UK’s Telegraph, Marr, now chairman of the Galapagos Conservation Trust—a British charity that works to preserve species unique to the islands which are close to distinction—discussed his fascination with the Galapagos archipelago.marr7_1480866c

It was a single travel visit to the Galapagos in 2002 which got him hooked on the beauty of the islands. Marr claims, “I fell in love with the place. There is nowhere more interesting or extraordinary. The islands look different, smell different and the light is different. And, of course, there are these extraordinary species.”

Marr celebrated Galapagos Day—September 15th—by discussing the islands. He believes people should definitely visit the islands once in their lifetime, all while acknowledging its “delicate ecology” by traveling responsibly.


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